The First Principal: Our Coalition operates under the principal that if we have the community of loggers, mill owners, environmentalists, business owners, local governments and citizens at large involved early on in the planning process with the Forest Service, and there is an authentic exchange of ideas during the project design phase, then the Forest Service projects are less likely to be appealed, if at all.


The Two Operational Parameters: First, we are not interested in accessing old growth. Our focus is on the hundreds of thousands of acres that have already been logged once or twice, i.e., the "already managed and roaded forest lands". Second, we do not support extensive new road systems. In fact we support the elimination of some roads.

The Wildland Urban Interface Commitment: The Coalition has made a decision to proceed with WUI fuels reduction projects first. They are less controversial and the need to protect human life and property is a high priority. We will build trust through these WUI fuels reduction projects and then move towards larger restoration projects in the forest landscape.

Commitment to Problem Solving: We will not allow ourselves to devolve back into the conflicts over forest resource management of the past twenty years. We are not here to fight. We will use our best creative thinking to solve the problems that are preventing forest restoration and fuels reduction projects. If you can't go along with this commitment to problem solving, then you are not welcome at this table. It is also understood that our "collaborative projects" do not prevent any party from taking different or opposing stands on projects that we have not brought within our circle. This is not an "all or nothing" proposition for any interests; it is an attempt to find common ground.

Collaboration is about working together on the real issues that are preventing progress on projects that will mutually benefit the participants and their interests. Collaboration is about building trust and respect for each other.

The Coalition is committed to follow a level of support matrix. This matrix was set-up to achieve a level of support for projects and difficult planning categories. Learn more about this matrix.

Rules of Conduct: The Coalition insists that its members adhere to the following rules of conduct when involved in any aspect of Coalition activities or when it might appear that they are involved in Coalition activities.

  • We will not resort to disrespectful or confrontational dialogue.
  • We will not use the Coalition as a forum to "soapbox" or "rant" about one's interests or position on a topic. This is not meant to squelch discussion.
  • We will respect and comply with the behavior directions given by the facilitator, including removal from the premises if requested.
  • We will use a good faith effort to resolve differences through a peaceful process