Each of the participants to these discussions agrees to the following ground rules:

1. We will attempt to develop a system which provides:

  • a. Minimum guarantees for everyone,

  • b. Incentives to maintain and enhance timber, fisheries, & wildlife resources, and recreation, and

  • c. Future flexibility, accountability, better management, compliance with regulations, & resource goals.

2. All participants in the negotiation bring with them the legitimate purposes and goals of their organizations. All parties recognize the legitimacy of the goals of others and assume that their goals will also be respected. These negotiations will try to maximize all the goals of all the parties, as far as possible.

3. Coalition initiatives will receive priority attention, staffing and time commitments.

4. All participants will give the same priority to solving the problems of others, as their own.

5. A commitment to creatively search for opportunities and solutions: without creativity there will be no plan or agreement.

6. A commitment to listen carefully; ask questions to understand; make statements to explain or educate.

7. All issues identified by any party must be addressed by the appropriate committee and the whole group.

8. State interests, problems, and opportunities, not positions - positive candor is an effective tool.

9. We commit to attempt to reach consensus on a plan and problem solving.

10. A commitment to advocate for the agreed plan.

11. Attempt to protect each other and the process politically with constituencies and the general public.

12. Leave weapons of war at home or at least at the door.

13. Anyone may leave the process and these ground rules, but only after telling the entire group why and seeing if the problem(s) can be addressed by the group.

14. All communications with news media concerning coalition initiatives will be facilitated by the Education Committee. This Committee may designate official media spokesperson(s) by consensus vote. Quoting an individual requires approval by that individual. Everyone will be mindful of the impacts their public and private statements will have on the climate of this effort. Spokesperson(s) agree to present the Coalition viewpoints.

15. No participant will attribute suggestions, comments or ideas of another participant to the news media or non-collaborating entities or individuals.

16. All rights, remedies, positions, & current prejudices are available to everyone if the effort is unsuccessful.

17. Participants are encouraged to seek the best advice from their friends and constituents.

18. All individual participants accept the responsibility to keep friends and constituents informed of the progress of the discussions.

19. Call the Coalition President before acting on a rumor.

20. Treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

21. Respect confidentiality when asked to do so.

22. Board and Committee meeting minutes will be distributed to non-Board or non-committee members when appropriately corrected and approved.

These Ground Rules were approved by the NEW Forestry Coalition Board, December 13, 2007 and may be reviewed and amended at any time.